They "survived" and grew up.

Over 4500 people in Copenhagen dies of cholera in the year of 1853.

3 of them was Johann Gottfried and Margrethe Engelkes child. All 3 of them had  married and got children.

Johann Gottfrid died 67 years old.

He was working as Tuchmachergefell, later he became a bricklayer.

Margrethe Engelke moved in with her youngest daughter, and died 80 years old.

Johann Gottfried  and his Brother Johann Frederich did leave Copenhagen, and they lived their life in Hillerød, where they worked as bricklayers.

Johann Christian was working as a painters' assistent.

The 3 girls all got married, Marie Kristine Engelke had a baby before she got married - the father of the child was a famous Italian man. She also did meet H.C. Andersen she got married with shoemaker Jørgen Hansen.


Eva Cathrine Margrethe married a German man.

King of Denmark

Frederik 6th 1808-1839             Christian 8th 1839-1848             Frederik 7th 1848-1863

Christiane Margrethe Radmer got married to Carl Theodor Hammel.

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