1790 - 1853     Johann Christian Radmer og Ane Marie Hansen     1790 - 1857

Johann Christian


Ane Maries child

Carl Christian

22. juni -5. juli 1814

Johan Adolf

26. sep. 1815 - 14. maj 1816

Hansine Caroline Adolphine

2. maj 1817 - ????

Hans Carl

10. aug. 1819 - 12. juni 1884

Johan Jacob Julius

13. juli 1822 - 17. juni 1904

Johanne Marie Jacobine

8. marts 1825 - ????

Wilhelmine Marie

10. dec. 1827 - 28. juli 1828

Inger Margrethe Wilhelmine

26. juni 1829 - 13. jan. 1844

Johann Christian was

christened in Frederiks Deutche church.

In 1901 the church got another name.

Christians church

Names and traditions in old days.

Back in time, many families did have traditions when naming their children.

The first boy was often given name after the grandfather. If one of the grandfathers were dead, they choose his name, often in a combination with the father’s name.

Johann Gottfried and Margrethe Engelkes children got their names:

The first girl:

Eva (could be the name of Johann Gottfrieds mother) Cathrine (from her mothers mother) Margrethe  (from her mother)

Edle Else Engelke – her mothers sister was Edle Else and Engelke from her mother.

Carolina, Anna, Marie(a) and Rosine – I think they got their names from Johann Gottfried’s family.

The first boy:

Johann Frederich – Frederich could be the name of Johann Gottfried’s father.

The second boy: Johann Christian – Christian the name of his mother’s father.

The third boy: Johann Gottfried – the father’s name

The fourth boy: Johann Frederich (the son died and they used the name again).

Confusing -  isn’t it?

Looking at the names of Johann Christians children, their names have been mixed with new names, maybe from the mothers family.

My oldest photo (ca. 1879) - Hans Carl -

son of Johann Christian.

Hans Carls granddaugther Ella moved to USA.

Hans Carls brother Johan Jacob Julius wil be the next person you have to meet. - All his children left to USA.

I don't have any photo, but I have a story to tell.

Take a look at the names of Hans Carls children.

Click at the photo.